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Oscar Best animated feature winners ratings

(and their studios)

Here are all the oscar-winning animated films ever ! We might think that an oscar winning film would get a rating above 8, but this graph shows that some of those films do not necessarily have very good ones. There are nominated films that have better ratings than oscar winning films.

As you can see, Pixar is the studio that has the highest number of winners among all of the other ones. The studio is dominating the Best Animated movie feature for years. Pixar's films have also great rankings, these are sure values. However, the best ranking goes to Spirited Away, a great movie by Studio Ghibli, with a rating of 8.6 ! It is the only movie on the list to have a rating over 8.5 on IMDb, which is remarkable. On the other hand, Happy Feet obtains the lowest rating of the list : only 6.4... Click on any movie if you want to see more !

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